Softball (Girls JV)

Softball (Girls JV) Scores

By Lauren Brinneman | May 14, 2024 7:20 PM

Junior Varsity vs Norwell (5 - 7) Loss The Lady Tigers lost a hard-fought battle to Norwell, 5-7. Kierstynn Reed had the only recorded hit for the Tigers for a single. Addison Gehring, Sy'Ahnna Jordan-Turner, and Reese Turnbull each had 1 RBI. Ella Borror, Audrey Gerber, Addison Kauffman, Piper Morgan, and Jillian Phillippe all scored for the Lady Tigers. Audrey Gerber had 2 stollen bases for the Lady Tigers. Ella Borror and Kinlee Taylor each had 1 stollen base. Kinlee Taylor pitched the entire game for the Tigers. She struck out 6 batters, and left 8 runners on base.