Tigers News · BLUFFTON ATHLETICS: Home Attendance Policy


Updated 11/18/2020

In respect of Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order and in consideration of the current Covid-19 conditions in Wells County, the Bluffton Athletic Department will alter the attendance policy of home athletic events. Wells County is in the Red status which will prohibit a multitude of fans from attending games.  Until this status changes, the general admission and event personnel attendance for home Bluffton-Harrison MSD events are:

  • Participants in the event and supporting personnel will be permitted to enter the event.
  • In regards to event spectators, the only fans permitted to attend the event will be all parents, guardians or siblings residing in the immediate household of a participant 
    • Unfortunately this prohibits: family friends, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc., from attending events.
  • BHMSD students will not be permitted to watch the event as a spectator unless they are a sibling or immediate family member to a participant
  • In the case of a divorced or separated family, the step-parents and step-siblings will be allowed to purchase a ticket to attend the event.
  • Participants will not be allowed to give any unused tickets to another party.
  • All spectators will be required to wear masks and social distance at all times.

Fan guidelines will return to 25% facility occupancy when Wells County returns to Orange status.