I will try to address a few of the questions that you may have as an athlete, a parent or as a Tiger Fan. As you are fully aware, Bluffton schools are closed and hope to re-open on April 13th. Up until this time, there cannot be any contests, practices, workouts or awards programs at the Bluffton MSD campus.  Unfortunately, teams cannot gather at other facilities with the coaching staff to conduct any of the aforementioned activities.  The school weight rooms are also closed to students and non-BHMSD employees during the this time. In these ever-changing circumstances the Bluffton Athletic Department will follow the guidelines outlined by governor Holcomb and President Trump. We will do our absolute best to inform teams, coaches, and athletes of any updates as we receive them.

On a side note; those athletes earning their first major B award are to go to SportForm at 151 W. Main St in Berne to order and purchase their letter jackets. Athletes can contact their sport’s head coach to verify the season’s awards.  Orders for letter jacket patches, chevrons and inserts can be placed in the Bluffton HS office and I will place the entire order on March 30th.

Thank you for your patience, your understanding and for your support of Bluffton-Harrison MSD.